With over 783 publicly announced data breaches in 2014, a 27.5 percent increase compared to 2013, we've seen data breaches affect Target, P.F. Chang's, Home Depot, UPS and many more. But the reality is that several more retailers have been breached and we as consumers have not heard about them yet. These are the "dark matter" of data breaches that plague the payments industry.

Most of these data breaches go undetected long past the average time of 200 days between infilitration and detection. Since we went live, we've seen hundreds to thousands of breached locations. Every month. These affected organizations are either still unaware of their growing problem, in the process of investigating "suspicious activity affecting our cardholders," or they are choosing to hold off on announcing the data breach.

These are all the merchant locations in the United States that saw at least 5 days of compromised transactions in the last 6 months dating back to September of 2014, summed up by U.S. county. Hover over each county to get an exact count.


Payments secutiy is a major topic of concern for retailers, financial institutions and consumers in 2015. No longer can organizations rely on "it won't happen to us" logic. Let Rippleshot help. Check out our case study bundle below to see how quickly we spotted several of the last major retail breaches in recent history.

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