Quantifying the impact of False Positives and Card Reissuance

Every year, false positives and card reissuance are becoming a growing concern in the payments security industry.

In today’s world, customers find false positives to be time-consuming, annoying, and even embarrassing. Issuers who fail to address the needs of modern cardholders risk decreased or halted card usage, as consumers expect payments technology to strike the fine balance between security and convenience.

Meanwhile, reactive card reissuance bears similar consequences as false positives, as it is also inefficient and expensive. Besides for the cost of reissuance and loss of spend on reissued portfolios, the reduction of brand loyalty make reissuance a critical issue for banks and credit unions to tackle.

Join us as we discuss the true impact of false positives and card reissuance to issuers, merchants, and customers at all levels in Rippleshot’s Quantifying the Impact of False Positives and Card Reissuance.