Rippleshot CTO's Take on COVID-19 and Preventing Fraud Threats

Posted by Anna Kragie on Jun 30, 2020 1:30:00 PM

The pandemic has underscored the need for businesses to be prepared for unforeseen threats. For banks and credit unions, this means having the insights and the right tools to proactively combat emerging card fraud threats. Rippleshot's CTO Yueyu Fu recently shared his perspective with the team at UI Ventures about how businesses are leveraging AI-driven technology to thwart fraud threats during these uncertain times. 

“COVID-19 has drastically changed how businesses are operating, including how they manage fraud risks. We’ve made it a priority to provide data-driven research on how this crisis is impacting spending habits, fraud patterns and the overall economic outlook,” Fu told the team at IU Ventures in a recent interview. “This information is critical for financial institutions to know what they can do to protect themselves and their customers during this difficult time.”

Fu shared how Rippleshot's business was built to change the fight against fraud into a proactive one. This includes sharing how its AI-driven technology helps financial institutions anticipates and mitigates risks associated with card fraud.

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