Data Breach Intel: Inside the Marriott Data Breach

Posted by Anna Kragie on Apr 3, 2020 9:42:56 AM
Marriott announced another major data breach this week. No payment data was believed to be impacted, but the real impact from the incident is fraud that can occur from the massive amount of exposed PII data. The hotel chain announced that the personal data of 5.2 million people may have been impacted. The personal information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, loyalty member data, DOB and additional linked travel preference information.
Get the latest intel on how exposed PII from these types of data breaches can lead to an increase in:
  • Synthetic Fraud
  • Account Takeover Fraud
  • New Account Opening Fraud

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The true impact from the incident is the potential fallout that can occur as a result of a massive amount of exposed PII data. Card fraud/compromised card fraud may not be impacted, but other types of fraud may rise, including: Synthetic Fraud, Account Takeover and New Account Opening Fraud.

The True Financial Impact

  • In the last year alone, exposed consumer PII records rose 126%.
  • New account fraud account for ~$3.4B, and by 2021, industry estimates peg synthetic fraud to account for 40% of all credit card charge offs — costing lenders $6 Billion annually.
  • Dark Web crime rings are increasing as the availability of exposed PII grows substantially.
  • Mobile account takeover fraud is up 56% in the past year to more than 679,000 incidents.

Breached PII Linked to the Above Financial Impact:

  • Contact Details: Name, mailing address, email address, and phone numbers.
  • Loyalty Account Information: Account number and points balance, but not passwords.
  • Additional Personal Details: Company, gender, and birthday day and month.
  • Partnerships and Affiliations: Linked airline loyalty programs and numbers.
  • Travel Preferences: Stay/room preferences and language preference.
Marriott has also set up a dedicated website — — and call center resources with additional information for guests.