State of Card Fraud 2019: How Does Your Bank Stack Up?

Posted by Anna Kragie on May 3, 2019 1:24:18 PM

There's a common question we hear a lot in the market: How does my fraud performance compare to my peers? Are my fraud losses higher or lower than others? What about reissuance costs?

Insight into these questions was part of the our latest webinar with the ABA. In this webinar, "State of Card Fraud 2019: How Does Your Bank Stack Up?", Rippleshot Co-Founder Canh Tran dives into what happened in 2018, how this is shaping the first quarter fraud trends for 2019 and what we predict is going to shape the rest of the year. This webinar, which aired on Thursday, May 2, is now available to listen to at your convenience. 

Topics covered include:

• What Banks are Concerned About Most

• Emerging Trends

• Preliminary Fraud Benchmarks 

• Assessing Readiness Guidelines

• Internal Checklist for Banks 

Listen to the Webinar

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