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Sonar uses machine learning on millions of card transactions from a network of banks and credit unions to detect and deliver a daily view of compromised merchants, cards at risk, and suspicious transactions with more frequency and higher accuracy.

Sonar’s machine learning and predictive analytics tools give financial institutions the power to manage card growth and risk today as well as the ability to address the fraud problems of tomorrow. With Sonar, financial institutions: Reduce card present and card not present fraud, reduce call center costs and chargebacks, avoid unnecessary reissuance, improve decision rules and improve cardholder satisfaction.


Rules Assist bridges your data gaps with a flexible, AI and machine-learning driven subscription model that precisely guides teams to the right rules to proactively manage fraud risks — without requiring any IT resources or data on your end. 

Rules Assist uses AI and machine learning powered analytics to identify fraud patterns and guide you to the right rules, and anticipate fraud before it occurs. Rules assist helps financial institutions address emerging fraud trends with certainty. Comprehensive analytics are provided, enabling you to write rules that fit your strategy.