White Paper:

State of Card Fraud: 2018

The list of concerns financial institution executives face is evolving rapidly. Catch this year's prominent fraud trends, how much they're costing financial institutions, and what concerns top fraud team's lists. We’ve created this white paper to help FIs take a deeper dive into the issues that impact them — and their customers — most. Armed with this data, this resource is designed to share insights relevant to a fraud management teams' goals. This includes a deeper look into:

• INDUSTRY DATA POINTS | Shifting data breach & card fraud trends

• BENCHMARK DATA | Our internal curated reports provide a look into the true cost for FIs from their own perspective

• RISING TRENDS | Synthetic fraud,  ATM fraud, gas station skimming fraud + account takeover fraud

• OBSERVATIONS + PREDICTIONS | A checklist of our 2016, 2017 and 2018 projections