State of Card Fraud: 2017

There’s a harsh reality issuers have to face in 2017. Chip readers and EMV aren’t fully protecting them from credit card fraud. As financial institutions continue down their digitization transformation — and invest in innovative technology — this opens the floodgates for more touch points for fraudsters to breach.

Another problem? Fraudsters are more sophisticated than ever. Banks are using new tools to fight fraud — machine learning, automation, cloud technology, etc. —  but so are the fraudsters. Only better and faster. The monetization of compromised cards has become a sophisticated industry. As a result, payment credentials are getting increasingly tangled in this fast-growing problem as more vulnerabilities are exposed across the ecosystem (as new technologies enter the market).

Explore the rapidly-changing card fraud ecosystem and read how to stay ahead of the trends in this report, State of Card Fraud: 2017. Get industry-wide updates, including EMV statistics, evolving threats, emerging fraud trends and how banks and credit unions can benefit from integrating machine learning technology to enhance their card fraud management.