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New Orleans Man Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison for Massive Credit Card Fraud Scheme

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Webinar: COVID-19 Impact on Fraud at Financial Institutions

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COVID-19 Resources for Bank and Credit Union Leaders

How Banks, Credit Unions and Regulators are Handling Coronavirus

Online Payment Fraud Trends: Synthetic Identity Fraud On the Rise

The Evolution of Credit Card Fraud Patterns

ITRC Data Breach Report: Breaches up 17%, Exposed PII Records Down 41%

Wawa Customer Breached Card Data Reportedly Being Sold On Dark Web

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Financial Fraud Drives Multi-Factor Authentication Market

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Gas Station Skimmer Fraud Triggers Secret Service Memo

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2018 Data Breach Recap: Exposed PII Records Up 126 Percent

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Juniper Research: CNP Fraud Losses To Hit $130 Billion Over Five-Year Period

Marriott Breach Update: Encrypted Credit Cards Impacted

How To Manage Holiday Card Fraud

Data Breach News Updates: Equifax’s Congressional Report; Marriott’s China Ties

New White Paper: State of Card Fraud 2018

New Webinar: State of Card Fraud 2018

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ABA Banking Journal: ‘Five Top Fraud Risks for Banks’

Secret Service Warns Financial Institutions About ATM Skimming Attacks

Inside Synthetic Fraud: New Industry White Paper

FinTech Data Protection: What Consumers Expect From Banks and Credit Unions

Banks Warned About ATM Cash-Out Schemes

New Study: The Impact of Data Breaches on Customer Trust

Equifax Breach Update: What’s Been Done — One Year Later

Data Breach Cost Update: U.S. Companies Rise to the Top

ABC7 Interview: Rippleshot Co-Founder Shares Gas Station Skimmer Tips

The Rise of Identity Fraud: The Multi-Billion Dollar Problem

Fraud Trend Report: Rising Account Takeovers

Developing Trust: 'Look for the Win-Win For Everybody'

Synthetic Identity Fraud: 'A Problem For Years To Come'

Fiserv and Rippleshot Announce Card Fraud Detection Partnership

Payment Fraud Data: Shifting Trends and Rising Problems

Credit Card Fraud Schemes in the News

Synthetic Identity Fraud Data: Why Financial Institutions Should Care

Financial Institution Regulation: What's Happening in Washington?

ATM Debit Card Fraud Data: 10 Percent Increase In 2017

Equifax Breach Scope Grows By 2.4 Million Consumers

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Using Machine Learning To Gain an Edge in The Financial Services Market

10 Predictions for Machine Learning and AI in 2018

2017 Top Data Breaches: The Year In Review

2017 Data Breach Stats — By The Industry

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Payment Card Fraud Data: Stats for Issuers

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Cybersecurity Awareness: What Banks and Credit Unions Need to Know


How Banks Can Fight Fraud in a Post-Equifax Breach World

How the Equifax Breach Impacts Banks and Credit Unions

Equifax Data Breach: The Long-Term Impact on Fighting Fraud

The Dark Web and the Evolving Credit Card Fraud Threat

The State of Card Fraud  — and the Impact on Financial Institutions

Top Tech Trends Influencing How Banks Fight Fraud

Tackling ATM Fraud through Better Tech and Faster Detection

Retailers ‘Vulnerable’ As Repeat Data Breaches Hit

Major Data Breaches Increasing At Alarming Pace

Data Breach Mid-Year Report: 2017 on a Record Pace

Data Breach Impact On Companies Felt Long After Initial Hack

Machine Learning 101: The Future of Fraud Protection for Banks and Credit Unions

Data Breach Costs: What is the True Cost of Fraud?

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2017 Verizon Data Breach Digest Describes 16 Real-Life Cyber Theft Scenarios

Data Breaches Pre- and Post-EMV Chip Compliance Requirements: What We Can Learn from Home Depot, Target, and Wendy's

Study Reveals How Much Cyber Thieves Are Willing to Pay for a Batch of Stolen Cards

Experian Reports E-Commerce Fraud Spiked Over 30 Percent in 2016

Four Reasons Prepaid Debit Card Use Is on the Rise

EMV Chip Migration — U.S. Merchants a Day Late and a Dollar Short?

The Future of the CFPB

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Bank Customer Churn After Fraud

The People’s Case of Debit vs. Credit vs. Cash

Target Still a Target

The Scoop on Faster Payments

Rippleshot Raises $2.6 Million in Latest Funding Round


Who is Responsible for a Data Breach?

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2016 Reflections and Predictions for 2017

What's New About 3d Secure Version 2?

Machine Learning VS You

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The Top 11 Stats of 2016

What Your Customers Complain About

Prepaid Cards Finally Get Fraud Protection

Fraud By Customer

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The Year of the SMB Breach

The Return of Ransomware

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Card Fraud Instances Rising, Even in Countries with EMV

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ABA Endorses Rippleshot's Automated Card Compromise Detection Platform

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Card Fraud Market Still Hot with Issuers Suffering over $10B in Losses Annually

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Call Center Fraud A Growing Problem

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